What Follows Scalia Part 2

The death of Judge Scalia certainly leaves a large void in the legal push to protect the unborn.  Many would even argue that this could mark the end of the Supreme Court’s ability to end abortion or even put limited controls on the practice in our country.  Looking at the present make up of the court, where do people working to end abortion in our country turn to see lives saved from this evil practice?  One doesn’t have too look far to see that pregnancy centers across the country are the hope of the pro-life movement.  Meeting pregnant women where they are at, filling their needs and enabling them to choose life for their children is the work of ministries such as Caring Network.  There are many effective parts to the pro-life movement but pregnancy centers have a direct impact on women as they are making their decisions regarding their pregnancy.  Caring Network is on the front lines of the battle for each and every individual little boy or girl whose life is threatened.  The battle for life happens everyday in Caring Network’s counseling rooms.  Caring Network counselors know that if they fail to connect with a frightened and vulnerable woman, her next stop is the abortion clinic.  The reality that abortion may never be stopped by politicians or judges should not lead us to despair because we know that behind the scenes the work of Caring Network will go on-saving lives one at a time.  To all of our ministry partners, thanks for helping the women who come to us choose life for their children-we could not do it with out you.