What Follows Scalia?

The politicians are all scrambling following the death of this great jurist too either postpone or confirm a new Supreme Court Justice. Time will tell how that all turns out, but there is a real immediate problem that needs to be considered. On March 2, the court heard the case Whole Woman’s Heath v. Hellerstedt, a legal challenge to the Texas law that among other things requires an abortionist to have access to a local hospital and conform to ambulatory surgical center requirements. The law has been very successful and many abortion clinics have closed because they could not meet the new requirements. If there is a 4-4 tie on the court, the ruling of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the law, would stand. In order to get to the 4-4 tie, Justice Anthony Kennedy would have to vote with the conservative block of Roberts, Alito and Thomas. Watchers of the Supreme Court agree that a conservative vote by Kennedy is certainly not guaranteed. In this time of political volatility, let’s pray that God would guide the hearts and minds of the justices as they review this very important case. As before, the lives of many innocent children depend on it. Part 2 to follow.