Who Gets to Choose?

Parents or Government?

The recent case of little Briton Charlie Gard, whose parents fought to provide him with experimental medical treatment to correct a congenital defect, has raised some interesting questions. In this case, the English courts ruled over the pleas of the parents that Charlie’s breathing tube should be removed so he could “die with dignity”. Charlie’s parents wanted to give him every chance they could at life, but were overruled by the courts. Questions have been raised about the decision-making capacity of parents. Who should make these decisions over life and death, parents or government? In certain cults, members do not believe in using medicine; yet a court may come in and force parents to seek medical treatment for their children. In the abortion debate, it has long been argued that abortion is an absolute right of parents and that government has no place in limiting the ability of the mother to choose that outcome for her child. Our culture has largely accepted mothers choosing abortion. Yet Caring Network exists to challenge that choice. Through compassion and resourcing, with love, we challenge moms to reexamine their decision and empower them to choose life. Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy believe abortion is their only choice, because they just can’t do it alone. Caring Network gives them hope and says, “Yes you can. We are here to help.” It is a privilege to serve in a life-affirming ministry that has given hope to so many.